Friday, 13 August 2010

Late night noise

I'm waiting for you.

I've settled myself down and now I'm waiting.

You said this time it'd work.

I've done everything you've asked.

But no amount of refreshing or waving you in the air will make you play.

I hate technology.

I'm wired

I'm hyped

I've had the red and the orange and the yellow and the green and the purple

I'm ready to go

No stopping me now

I'm alive

You don't understand me

You don't know what it's like

You say I'm wasting my money

Destroying my body

Ruining my life

But you don't know

You've never tried it

You don't know how it feels

Come on

I say

Just try it

And you reach out

And you take it

And you taste the rainbow

One by One

Two by Two

Three by Three


Now I've started I can't stop

You're giving me headaches, sweats, cramps

You're giving me toothache, rotted gums, obesity

You're giving me odd looks on the bus,
hidden wrappers in my room,
missed meals,
empty bank,
throwing up in the toilets

But still the hands shovel

Still the mouth waters

Still the teeth crunch,
the bones break,
the fingers snap
and down it goes

Down, down, down
to the dank pit

Already overloaded

Please, God, not more

Please help me

Please stop me

I want to

I'm sick of you

I hate you

I despise you

But I can't stop

Please, God, not more


  1. You are an amazing writer ;-)

  2. Why, thank you, I don't think I'm that amazing really. I just find this a nice place to let my thoughts flow without having to necessarily make much logical sense...
    But for some really good writing visit