Saturday, 12 June 2010


More and more I'm realising I was born far too late. More and more I'm realising the people I fit in best with are the people I see the least. More and more I'm realising that I'm changing faster than I thought I would.

It's just one of those points in life. Where you realise you get on better with people almost twice your age. Where you realise certain relationships have grown stale and your not actually sure you want to renew them. Where you want to completely change your outward appearance to illustrate the change within. Where you want to move to Scandinavia.

This is another reason I'm annoyed at having to resit the year- I just don't really fit in there. I'm so eager to get out there- to broaden my horizons; too see MORE.

I want to live in a library.
I want to shave my head.
I want to wear lipstick.
I want to stay up to watch the sun rise.
I want to make campfires.
I want to learn to sing.
I want to wear headdresses.
I want to dance to 80s ska-punk with tall lads wearing shades.
I want to travel.
I want to abandon technology for a while.
I want to act every day.
I want to wear fancy dress for the sake of it.
I want to swim in the wild.
I want to talk for hours and hours about everything and anything.
I want to drink coffee.
I want to not worry about money.
I want to walk everywhere I go.
I want to re-decorate.
I want to develop my own film.

I want the impossibly perfect life everyone dreams of. But it's probably nothing like yours.


  1. K SO

    we'll go build a campfire up by the big tree near the alpacas (know where i mean) and camp there and stay up and watch the sun rise mmmmkay? cause we can walk along to the viewpoint that looks over sheffield and the sun rises in that direction any how.

    i'll shave your head for you. honest! :D i did a good job of edd's right? then you can wear headdresses.

    umm i don't know why you have a problem about drinking coffee. if you want to drink coffee, go make some.

    i want to re-decorate too, i'm fed up of my room.

    swimming is not so easy but surely you swam whilst in the lake district yes?

    i will talk to you for a long time haha.

    walking is easy. again if you want to walk, then just walk.

    yes mayte. how bout that?

  2. oh yeah, and also we can go build a den in the woods too. aha.

  3. yes please :)
    lets build a den near the alpacas and then we can feed them... whatever alpacas eat.