Sunday, 4 April 2010

Some nice things.

Or at least things that I'm liking at the moment....

WARNING: very picture heavy.

Nadia Napreychikov's Grad Collection
Nadia Napreychikov, co-writer (along with Cami James) of the DI$COUNT blog produced a grad collection that is exciting, fascinating and beautiful. I especially love her attention to detail and blown out proportions. Definitely some ideas in there that you could translate into everyday wear.

Yup. I'm obsessed. Top on the list are of course the beautiful Acne Atacomas, my personal favourite being in black.

Acne Atacoma in Black Calf

If it weren't for the fact that these babies are over £400, they would be on my feet right now.
Having resigned myself to the fact that these will remain merely a fantasy my love for wedges reaches on down to the more accessable market, starting with Jeffrey Campbell's ones.

Jeffery Campbell Clinic in Black Calf

Jeffery Campell Mary Roks in Grey

Jeffery Campbell Pixie in Black Suede

Jeffery Campbell 99 in Black

Jeffery Campell Potion in Black (from what I've seen they look much better on.)

Other nice wedges to look at...

David Bowie inspired fashion
Because we all know he had great style :)
This is the Dora Abodi Fall 2010 Collection

My Minolta 7000
Can't wait to get the film developed but it will have to wait until after Houseparty (will write about this later).
The Minolta 7000 was the first camera to be made with both an autofocus and auto-rewind. It's beautiful and I love it.

Houseparty 2010
 The annual trip to Wales our church does to have fun, get wet, muddy and tired, learn more about ourselves and about God, have LIFE-CHANGING spiritual experiences and make lots more friends! I've gone on the last two years and they've both been incredible. Last year especially but I'm not sure I want to talk about why on the internets. This year we're taking more people than ever before and it should be INCREDIBLE. In fact, I know it will. I kind of hate that the rest of the post is about material things.
God is awesome.
Sing praise.


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